Tram line to Gare ready by December 2020

At the moment, the tram in Luxembourg City connects the “Place de l’étoile” with the “Luxexpo The Box”. By December 2020, the tram network will be expanded to the central station. By the end of construction work, the tram line will run from the airport to the “Cloche d’Or”.

As the laying of track gets underway, the bus schedules as well as the stops will be adapting to the works along the “Avenue de la Liberté”, as well as in front of the main station.

Schematic plan of the bus lines (from May 5th 2019)

Works will take place starting May 5th between the “Place de la Gare” and “Rue de Strasbourg”, until July 2019, and in September another round of works will kick off. Another six months of installation work for the tram will begin in October, lasting six months, with an additional two weeks in April 2020 required for finalisation.

Traffic in the station area has been reorganised since May 12th to allow the tramway’s work on “Avenue de la Liberté” to progress. The tram project is currently continuing in the lower part of “Avenue de la Liberté” (section between the “Place de Paris” and the “Place de la Gare”). Buses running from “Place de la Gare” to the city center are diverted by “Avenue de la Gare” and “Rue Jean Origer”, and then join their initial itinerary at “Place de Paris”.


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