Luxembourg City Tour #2: Discover Kirchberg

After introducing you to the Luxembourg City sightseeing trail, we will now invite you to our Kirchberg (financial district) tour. As for the last time you should plan a three-hour-walk. You could also extend your trip by taking a break at our station #10.

Find our highlights on this map:


#1 – Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge

We start our tour crossing the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, which is 1.1 km away from our station #10 “Royal Hamilius” from our last tour. This bridge, the so-called “Red Bridge” (red paintwork) connects the Kirchberg with the city centre. It spans the Pfaffenthal district with a height of 74 m above the Alzette. It is 355 m long and 25 m wide. In 2015, it was renovated, widened and the tracks for the new tram were laid.

If you look through the lamella protection on both sides of the bridge, you will have a stunning view over the Pfaffenthal.

Here you can find a great article about the bridge:


#2 – Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg station and funicular

We will continue our road to Kirchberg. Directly after the bridge, you will spot the new funicular of the City of Luxembourg. It started operating in 2017 and it connects the Pfaffenthal with the national railway network and the Kirchberg-Plateau.

Reminder: Nationwide free public transport for everyone since March 1st, 2020.

#3 – European Court of Justice

As we pass the funicular, we are heading up to the European Court of Justice. It is the supreme court of the European Union in matters of the European Law. The Court of Justice can rule on disputes between EU member states, companies or private individuals. One judge is appointed from each member state so that all the legal systems are represented.

The building dates from 1972 and it was refurbished in 2009. There are five courtrooms with interpreting booths and seats for the public, as well as rooms for conferences, the press and visitor groups.

When you pass the main building, you can see the three towers that belong to the European Court of Justice. Two of them were built in 2008. The third tower with 30 floors was inaugurated in 2019. At 115 m high, the tower is the tallest building in Luxembourg. You can spot it at station #9.

#4 – Place de l’Europe / Infinity

On the second picture you can spot a brand-new building called »Infinity«. The shopping centre with the slogan »Live, Shop, Work« is located opposite of the Philharmonie (station #5) and it was inaugurated on December 12th, 2019. Inside, you can explore multiple stores and restaurants.

#5 – Philharmonie

As mentioned before, you are standing in front of the most important building of our tour, the Philharmonie of Luxembourg whose inauguration took place in 2005. Its official name is “Salle de concerts Grande-Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte” and in its three concert rooms, it offers you classic, jazz and modern music and special plays for kids. The building’s oval shape resembles an eye and consists of 823 steel columns, each 20 m high and 30 cm in diameter. The designer was the French architect Christian de Portzamparc.

#6 – MUDAM

On the right sight of the Philharmonie is located a large square from where you can get to the MUDAM “Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean”. The museum of modern art, designed by Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei opened on July 1st, 2006.  Therefore, Luxembourgish locals call the museum “Pei-Musée”. Do not forget to ask the »Luxembourg Card« at the City Hotel for free access!

#7 – 3 Eechelen

Behind the museum is hidden the “3 Eechelen” or “Fort Thüngen”. It was built in 1732 and it‘s a part of the historical fortress walls of Luxembourg City. From 1870 to 1874 it was demolished except for three towers. In the 1990s, the outer walls were completely reconstructed and in July 2012, the fortress museum opened its doors.

At the edge of the historic walls, you have an exceptional panoramic view to Luxembourg City, the Alzette valley, the Corniche and Pfaffenthal and Clausen district. If you want to see the remains of the “Fort Obergrünewald”, you can walk down the “Itinéraire Vauban”.

#8 – European Convention Center Luxembourg

The ECCL is located on the left side of the Philharmonie. The building is 300 m long and completely glazed. In its inside, you can find a big plenary room for big EU meetings or conferences, exhibitions, workshops and receptions.

#9 – EU-Parliament

We’re now taking the main road “Avenue J.F. Kennedy” to the European Parliament. The General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union is based in the Konrad Adenauer building. Its tasks are the organisation, coordination an insurance of the coherence of the Council’s work and implementation of the annual programme. You can spot the two towers of the CURIA (court of justice, Station #3)

#10 – Coque / Park / Kyosk

Further up the “Avenue J.F. Kennedy” road, you will discover one of the most beautiful locations of Kirchberg: The national sports centre of Luxembourg named “Coque” with its exceptional public park. The “Coque” building was constructed in the late 1990s and it got its name due to its shape, which reminds you of a scallop. The sports centre is used for events, concerts and conferences.

A big public park with a playground and a small pond are placed right behind the building. During summer, it is a popular picnic area.

Several works of art, such as “Non Violence” by Carl F. Reuterswärd, “L’Africaine” by the Luxembourgish sculptor Lucien Wercollier, “Kopf” by Jeannot Bewing or a variation of the sculpture that the Luxembourgish government donated to the UN (the original is located in New York), can be admired in this park.

The “Kyosk” is a little snack bar on the right side of the “Coque”. During summer there are multiple special events organised around this area.

At the other side of the park, you can search your way through a hedge maze right to a huge yellow, 7 meter high sculpture “Dendrite” designed by the Canadian artist Michel de Broin in 2016. From up there, you will have a stunning view over the park.

#11 – National Library

When passing the Financial District of Luxembourg you will arrive at the “Bricherhaff” where the new National Library is located. The modern building was designed by the architectural office “Bolles-Wilson” from Münster. Approximately 1,8 million documents were relocated to the new building that was inaugurated in September 2019. Here, you can discover over 200.000 national and international literary works. Before that, the library was situated next to the Cathedral (station #7 of City Tour #1)

#12 – First shopping mall

When passing the National Library, you can spot the first shopping Mall of Kirchberg. “Auchan” served its first customers 20 years ago. The mall consists of 66 stores and several restaurants. It is a popular location for all the bankers to spend their lunch break.

#13 – Multiplex cinema

The only huge multiplex cinema of the city can be found next to the shopping mall. It was inaugurated in 1996 and has 10 movie halls. On the first floor are located several restaurants. In Luxembourg, a great variety of films are shown in their original version with subtitles.

#14 – Exhibition halls

When you pass the back side of the cinema and along the “Rue Hugo Gernsback”, you can discover the exhibition halls of Luxembourg. They were built in 1970 and they host events of all kinds. Exhibitions, concerts, trade fairs, conferences, seminars, etc. are organised by the internal events specialists “LuxExpo the Box”.

Finally, you can take the tram at the “LuxExpo” station to get back to the starting point when your feet hurt.

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